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 My consulting practice is designed to address these issues to help restore people to optimum health, balance, and wholeness. I address these issues in the following ways:

1.  You have two options to consult with me.  If you live within a reasonable driving distance to Columbus, Ohio you can schedule an in-office appointment.  Otherwise, you may set up an initial hour consultation either via Skype or phone where I begin to assess the actual cause of your symptoms based on a thorough history, history of past treatments and their results, family history issues that may be relevant, and a specific assessment of the probable systems involved.

2.  I design a treatment protocol for you which may include recommendations on appropriate supplements, neuropsychological treatments (i.e. Hemi-Sync technology, etc.), any conventional medication recommendations that might be useful to explore, relaxation techniques, microelectrical treatment (Alpha-Stim technology), and other specific protocols.

3.  I will for a reasonable fee offer my specific assessment and treatment recommendations to any physician or professional that you choose me to share this information with to coordinate further treatment i.e. medication recommendations, etc.

4.  I will provide information on how to obtain lab testing if in my assessment it seems clear you need such to accurately diagnosis your condition. I work often in conjunction with a licensed pharmacist hormone specialist who assesses and treats various hormone imbalances.

5.  I also can provide necessary clinical psychological instruments that aid in accurate diagnosis. I will meet with you after the assessment and treatment protocol is implemented at regular planned intervals for approximately 30 minutes where we discuss progress, new strategies, modifications, difficulties with implementation, etc.

My initial consultation fee is $125 payable via an acceptable credit card. The 30 minute follow up consultation fee is $70 with an additional fee of $10 for each 5 minute period beyond the 30 minutes rounded up to the nearest 5 minute interval payable at the beginning of each appointment. I will maintain a strict cancellation fee of $50 if a scheduled appointment is not cancelled by e-mail notification 24 hours in advance.