My consulting practice focuses on the following issues:

Anxiety Disorders (I assess all the possible systems that can cause this broad group of symptoms called anxiety).

Depressive Disorders.

Stress Disordersincluding both adrenal fatigue and hyper-adrenal states (a huge issue which is horribly under diagnosed and poorly understood and treated).

Bipolar Spectrum Disorders

Chronic Pain Disorders

Chronic Agitation, irritability and rage states (which very commonly caused by adrenalin hyper arousal).

Other disorders related to these. 

My Background


I have been in my own clinical practice for 34 years seeing people in the areas I have identified. I have a Ph.D. in Counseling, Master’s in Clinical Social Work, and a B.S. in Psychology. My graduate school internship training was in a psychiatric facility and since then I have practiced in group practice settings with numerous psychiatrists. I was mentored for many years by one of the most brilliant, creative psychiatrists I have ever known and I am eternally grateful for all that I gained. I regularly consult with many physicians on mental health issues as I am well trained in basic physiology, psychopharmacology, and neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. The point is I understand much of medical treatment: where it works and where it doesn’t work and why. I currently work cooperatively in a practice association with a compounding pharmacist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of hormone deficiencies, and thus I well appreciate the importance of the neuroendocrine system on mood disorders, anxiety states, etc.  Additionally, I work in a practice association with a trained naturopath/nurse and have a good grasp of herbal supplements and their specific application to mental health issues. I am a self admitted “nerd” who spends an immense amount of time in the scientific literature. This to me is critical to anyone who attempts to address and correct difficult and complex problems in an “outside the box” manner.